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the start


Way back in 1987 I founded a digital design company; Park Place Inc.  My amazingly creative team designed computerized business presentations for clients in the high tech, pharmaceutical, financial and retail industries.  As technology exploded in the early 90's so did our business and we morphed to a boutique firm designing all forms of digital and related media: from virtual reality sales programs for high end commercial real estate to some of the first retail kiosks in flag ship stores (Reebok) and  "buzz cards" which were business sized cd rom's launching online brokerage services for Fidelity, and everything in between. We ran 24/7 shifts and collaborated with some of the neatest Companies going. It was a fun, creative and fast-paced world. 

In 1999, I sold Park Place to Omnicom and chilled out for a bit. Missing creative collaboration, I began working with clients on commercial and residential projects helping facilitate renovations, new builds and sometimes just re-arranging spaces. I was hooked and my love of design found a new home. My first full home design, A Greek Revival on Strawberry Hill in Dover, MA won a Silver PRISM award and was published in numerous magazines, thus providing me with a working portfolio piece.

I love design, but I mostly enjoy the collaborative process of helping make someone's space their own.  The process can be daunting for some but deconstructed it becomes doable and even fun. I believe in complete transparency on all purchasing as my value lies in my design input, guidance, purchasing power and management of the process. 

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